Enjoy our nature!

Our goal is to create souvenirs that you can put to a good use and enjoy our (and your own) nature

Enjoy our Nature is a brand created by two product designers Fridgerdur and Kristin Birna. They met while they were studying at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2005-2008.
They won a competition for the official Reykjavik souvenir held by the city of Reykjavik. Their award winning design was the 'Reykjavik Towel' a towel that you can wrap around you, shaped like the old hot tubs that can be found in almost any outdoor swimming pool in Reykjavik, and the 'Reykjavik Soap'. Reykjavik is known for it's swimming pool culture, the "endless" geothermal hot water allows us to go swimming outdoors in warm pools all year round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAbTMS1nfLE

From there, they thought; what more is there to enjoy in the nature that surrounds us and lives within us?